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Rajiv Kwatra, M.D.

Address: 1331 North 7th street, Suite 290, Phoenix, Arizona, 85006

Phone Number: (602) 230-6744  |  Fax: (602) 230-6746

Directions to Office

We are conveniently located off of the I-10 Free-way on 7th Street. Use the map link below to get directions from your home to our office.  You will need the additional directions below as they will not be provided by google maps.

directions from the I-10 and 7th street exit ramp.

exiting the Freeway onto the 7th Street exit ramp, turn North onto 7th Street. Immediately get into the far right lane. You will take a right turn at the first street on your right, Willetta. The Papago Medical Park will be on your right hand side. Take the first right hand turn off of Willetta. To your right will be the Medical Plaza and to your left the entrance to the parking garage. Take a left to park. There is no gate or metered ticket to go through.

Directions Leaving Office

You cannot turn left onto 7th Street directly from Willetta. To get back to the 7th Street I-10 interchange, turn right on Willetta as you exit the parking garage. At the first stop sign turn left onto 10th Street. At the first light turn left onto McDowell Road and get into the far left lane. At the first light turn left onto 7th Street. The I-10 interchange will be right ahead of you. To get onto I-10 East, get into the far left lane when you turn onto 7th Street. To get onto 1-10 West, get into the far right lane when you turn onto 7th Street.